photogrammetry solutions

Photogrammetric Aerial Surveying

The use of aerial scans is becoming more popular as a surveying technique for orthographic projection data. There are many benefits to using aerial scans, including the ability to cover large areas in a short amount of time. Drones are able to fly lower and slower than e.g. aeroplanes to get more detailed images. Orthographic projection data is accurate and comprehensive, and may be collected by photogrammetric surveying.

Aerial surveys allow accurate assessment of stockpiles, end-of month reconciliation, and terrain mapping. Aerial surveys offer a bird’s eye view of the entire stockpile and are typically the first step in determining whether a stockpile is in compliance with regulations. Aerial surveys can provide the customers with a detailed and accurate 3D model of the stockpile.

Qualitative Aerial Surveys

The use of drones and satellite images for qualitative surveys and inspections provides an easy, simple, fast and safe way for observations in areas that might be tedious, difficult or dangerous to access. It is rapid and can reduce the costs of conventional surveys.


Volumetric Calculations

Large stockpiles of material (gravel, dirt, coal, pulp chips, etc.) can quickly be surveyed with drone technology. The volumes calculated using 3DModels generated from high density point clouds (advanced digital surface models). Stockpile inventory can be done on sites with dozens of unique stockpiles or a site with just one pile.

Quantity Surveying

Bonavide provides assistance to QS surveyors who estimate and control costs for large construction projects. This will help to determine whether structures meet legal and quality standards.



To capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage, and present all types of geographical data that is referenced to locations on the earth. E.g. pipeline layout, power line layout, roads, and structures, to name just a few. These data can be used for effective planning and problem solving.

Contour mapping, the delineation of any property in map form by constructing contour lines (lines of equal values with respect to height above sea level), can be constructed from aerial data.

Aerial Photography and Video

An aerial photograph/video, in broad terms, is any photograph/video taken from the sky. Referring to marketing in 3D Scanning & Modelling the miniaturization of cameras allow us to use drones for high quality aerial photography.