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Agriculture – as a farmer your livelihood depends on a successful harvest. Each year you invest considerable resources to cultivate your farm. Equipment, fertilizer, seed, labour, fuel – to name only the most important cost drivers. You know that the risks are high. It may not rain enough. A hailstorm may devastate your harvest. Even with optimal weather conditions, you may suffer losses owing to pests, or your harvest may be suboptimal owing to insufficient fertilization. If your lands are irrigated, you may have dry areas, or areas suffering from excessive watering.

Precision farming

Precision agriculture is a type of farming that uses technology to maximize the efficiency of farming operations. This type of farming often uses GPS technology and Aerial imagery analyses to map out fields and track data related to the production of crops. By using precision farming techniques, farmers are able to reduce the amount of inputs used, such as water, fertilizer, and pesticides. This can lead to increased yields and profits, while also reducing the environmental impact of farming.