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Bonavide streamlines building management with accurate as-built documentation: Reconstruct, Modify, and Approve with 3D Scanning.
As-Built Plans

We at Bonavide know the frustrations of mislaid or lost building plans, which so often happens at municipal offices. These plans must then be replaced, and this is essential if one wants to apply for approval of a building modification. Bonavide is experienced in drawing as-built plans. 

We use 3D scanning technology to obtain detailed and precise 3D scans of a building.  Using a drone, we obtain imagery to determine the footprint of the building. The inside of the building is scanned with a hand hold scanner, or, in the case of halls or large rooms, a miniature drone is used.

Dimensions and features are accurately recorded, and then we partner with architects to draw up as-built plans according to the specifications of your local Authority for building plan approvals. This digital representation serves as a reliable reference for future modifications, maintenance, and compliance purposes.

Plans for Building Additions

3D scanning and modelling are very useful when building modifications, i.e., renovations, improvements, or expansions, are planned. The new designs can be overlayed onto the existing 3D model, enabling architects and designers to visualise and assess the proposed changes digitally before implementation. 3D scanning allows for improved decision making and ensures that the planned alterations align seamlessly with the existing structure. The data form is used to prepare council-ready plans, complete with precise measurements, dimensions, and annotations. Planning to expand your current building? Ask Bonavide to construct a digital 3D model to assist in your planning and to prepare drawings ready for submission to the relevant local council.

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