Drones are well suited for applications in environmental monitoring. We use different sensors to collect data, including multispectral, hyperspectral and thermal imagery. Applying our user-friendly delta reports to subsequent data sets, it is easy to monitor and quantify changes over time.  The following are examples of drone applications in environmental monitoring:


Drones may be used to assist in health analysis of trees, to do biomass estimations, to assess areas of deforestation, to assist in planning of new plantations and even in inventory management.

Conservation of plants

Using spectral analysis, drones may be used to characterise the plants of a specific area, to estimate biomass and to assess plant health.

Invader plant control

Using spectral analysis, drones may be used to characterise invader plants in a specified area, and the progress in combatting invader species may also be monitored by drone flights.

Mine land rehabilitation

Using successive drone flights and our delta reports, progress in land rehabilitation may be assessed and documented.

Coastal managemenT

Our drone services may be used to quantify coastal erosion, and to plan and monitor beach replenishment programmes.