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Bonavide’s detailed 3D models are imperative in Facility and Asset Management.

Using a 3D digital building model constructed by Bonavide, the management of your asset becomes a breeze.

A detailed Bonavide 3D management model becomes a comprehensive and precise representation of your entire facility and its assets. Every detail is captured, and the model becomes your digital record, empowering your asset manager to plan, maintain and optimize operations effectively.

Bonavide’s 3D models are not jus static representations, on the contrary, we offer interactive features enhancing the management of services and service reports. Managers can access maintenance information, including service history, operating parameters, and maintenance schedules, for every asset pictured in the interactive model. Our reminder function facilitates timeously routine services, while all the service reports are accessible with the click of a mouse. Or even better, use the interactive RCP app and manage your facility and assets from your mobile phone.

The advantages of using the interactive Bonavide 3D model in asset management include (i) accurate documentation, (ii) time and cost savings, (iii) increased productivity and (iv) informed decision making.

You cannot afford to manage your investments in buildings and assets without the interactive Bonavide 3 D management model.

Please view the video explaining how the Bonavide 3D management model is constructed and how it will open a new world of possibilities to you, the asset manager. Bonavide: Innovation that flies.

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