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heritage management

High-Resolution Drone Imagery for Comprehensive Terrain Mapping and Surveying.

South Africa is blessed with a rich cultural history. We are the world in one country. This is a privilege, but also a huge responsibility to conserve our precious cultural history.

3D scanning and modelling may be used for data capture and precise preservation of archaeological sites, moveable artefacts, and buildings. Bonavide’s 3D models enable virtual preservation, and these models may be accessed by researchers and historians for further study and research.

Why don’t you consider using our scans to create captivating and interactive exhibits to bring history alive to the visitor? Of course, these exhibits may also be posted online to be viewed from any location in the world.

Show our heritage to the world. Share our heritage with the world. 

 Bonavide’s high resolution 3D models will assist the viewer to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of our cultural heritage.

There is more to Bonavide’s 3D models than sharing and education. Our 3D models may assist in conservation planning by identifying areas of deterioration and guiding restoration efforts, ensuring the preservation of our heritage for future generations.

3D Models

3D Models For Research

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Precise Preservation

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Ensuring Preservation

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