Using infrared thermography, images of heat emissions may be captured and analysed. Applications of drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras include:

Solar panel inspections

Imagery from thermal cameras can identify manufacturing defects, failing photovoltaic cells or damaged interconnectors, and pick up hotspots which may indicate problem areas, up to 50x faster than a hand-held thermal camera. An annual thermographic drone inspection is recommended to ensure optimal performance of a solar plant. Inspections may also be considered after severe adverse weather conditions, e.g. hail, lightning or stormy winds.

Power line inspections

The use of drones equipped with infrared cameras to inspect power lines may help to detect and monitor hot spots, allowing timeous intervention to prevent future breakdowns.

Inspection of buildings

Drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras may assist in the identification of heat losses or water leakages in buildings. Cooling down thermography can help in identifying subsurface structural deficiencies.  We can design a protocol for building inspections that suits your requirements.