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Bonavide’s detailed 3D models are imperative in Facility and Asset Management.

Inspection of infrastructure, whether it is a building, bridge, or industrial plant, is time consuming and labour intensive. However, using drone derived imagery and 3D modelling, inspections are simplified. Bonavide uses advanced and high-resolution photogrammetry to take detailed scans from various angles, and then we build a high-resolution 3D model of the structure which requires maintenance or repairs. This technology allows efficient assessment of the condition of the structure, and the need for manual on-site inspections is minimized.

By repeating scans at regular intervals, you may calculate deterioration rates with a high measure of precision.  This will enable you to optimize maintenance schedules and to plan maintenance to have the least disruption on normal workflow. Using this proactive approach, you can extend the lifespan of the structure or asset, while mitigating potential risks of structure failures. This technology may revolutionize your maintenance programmes. Instead of relying on fixed maintenance intervals, our scanning and 3D modelling allow for evidence-based and data-driven maintenance schedules. 

Bonavide’s models enable you to identify assets in need of immediate attention, allowing you to prioritize critical maintenance and to optimize resource utilization.

Allow Bonavide to transform your infrastructure management practices with high resolution 3D scanning. Embrace the power of data-driven decision-making to optimize resources, extend infrastructure lifespan, and mitigate risks.

Contact us today to unlock the transformative potential of drone-based 3D scanning and optimize your infrastructure management strategies. We will be obliged to demonstrate the use of high-resolution 3D modelling in infrastructure maintenance.

Please view the video to see how high-resolution 3D modelling assisted in detecting maintenance problems at a church in Pretoria.

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