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Quantity Surveying and Construction

High-Resolution Drone Imagery for Comprehensive Terrain Mapping and Surveying.

By partnering with Bonavide, you can significantly enhance the efficiency of your construction projects.

Bonavide’s site inspection service can capture regular images from the project, and the whole construction progress may be monitored off-site. This is an ideal tool to assess quality, and to determine whether the project is progressing according to the planned schedule.

We assist quantity surveyors and project managers to calculate quantity of materials, including volumes of earthwork that should be removed, or required as filling material.  We can provide very precise assessments of stockpile volumes by integrating drone derived data with tailor made soft ware programmes. These precise measurements obviate any traditional manual measurements, are cost saving, and can be performed whenever required by the quantity surveyor or project manager. Please refer also to the section on volumetric assessments.

Bonavide also offers a thermal imagery service, which allows detection of water leaks, poor insulation, and electrical faults.

We use drones to calculate a building’s heat signature. This refers to a building’s thermal patterns and distribution of heat detected by thermal imagery, providing valuable information on energy efficiency by identifying areas with poor insulation. This allows you to make informed decisions regarding energy efficiency improvements, maintenance, or repairs.

Whatever your requirement in quantity surveying or project management, we can offer a turnkey solution which will enhance your productivity. Because we are innovative. Bonavide: Innovation that flies

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