3D SCANNING and modelling

High-resolution photogrammetry is a technique that uses digital photos taken from multiple angles to create 3D models. This technique is useful for many purposes in engineering, construction, architecture, heritage management and marketing. By utilizing high-resolution photogrammetry and other specialized services, accurate 3D models can be constructed to assist in inspections, progress reports, infrastructure management, heritage management, and marketing material.

There are many industries where scanning is a necessary service. Some of the industries that can benefit from scanning services are construction, mining, manufacturing and tourism. Bonavide has a team of experienced professionals and the latest technology that can provide the scanning and modelling services your company might need.

Remote Inspections

By using a combination of photogrammetry technology and methods, a high-resolution 3D model can be created in a relative short time frame with our scanning and modelling capabilities. This will give the user (your team, independent consultants and your client) the ability to remotely visit a site, and navigate through the 3D model, from anywhere in the world. Remote inspections minimize travelling costs, increase production and result in effective time management.

Accurate Modelling

Sensitive, damaged, fragile or complex surfaces can be modelled accurately, this will allow users to perform a remote inspection with ease without the risk. These inspections can support forensic experts with their investigations, saving them valuable time.

Fast Modelling

During construction, 3D scanning and modelling can offer the user with a fast and accurate model, in the from of a progress report. This Remote Inspection report can be compared with the original CAD/BIM model and project timeline. This will also give the user the ability to identify construction errors timeously.


It is not uncommon for building documentation to get lost over time, with a 3D scan, accurate as-built drawings can be reconstructed in a short period of time. The user also can make building modifications, and council ready drawings may be prepared and submitted for approval.

Asset-Management Scanning and Modelling


A detailed 3D model can accurately document entire facilities and their assets, which become an indispensable tool for facility and asset managers. A small add-on to the 3D model can make the model interactive, assisting in routine services, service reports and breakdown management. 

Infrastructure Management

Scheduled infrastructure inspections may be simplified by 3D scanning using drones.  Previous scans may be compared with current scan and the rate of deterioration can be calculated, assisting in the implementation of effective maintenance schedules.

Heritage-Management Scanning and Modelling

Heritage Management

A detailed 3D scan can accurately document archaeological sites, movable artifacts, or buildings by providing high resolutions and precise 3D surface models. This method provide these highly accurate data cost effectively and in a short time frame.


High resolution 3D models is the newest trend to effective marketing. These models and high resolution images can be provided to your marketing team and be integrated in your current marketing model.