Drone derived imagery is an accurate source of information used by land surveyors, developers, and mining companies. When large areas require surveying, our high resolution satellite data may offer a solution. With a resolution of 72 cm per pixel, an excellent aerial perspective is obtained from the area to be surveyed. Our services include:

Terrain modelling

Drones can provide data for digital terrain modelling, especially in areas which are difficult to access in e.g. mountainous areas, or where water or other barriers exist.


Drones may provide valuable data required in quarry management and provides real time oversights of all mining operations. The data may be used to generate a 3D terrain model.  Stockpile volumes can be determined with high accuracy, which is very valuable for monthly reconciliations and year-end audits. Drones may be used to assess the effect of drilling or blasting, identify potential hazards, monitor tailings dams, and many more applications. Using drone data, productivity and safety is enhanced.  Can you afford not to have drone derived data to monitor your mine?