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terrain mapping and Qualitative aerial surveys

High-Resolution Drone Imagery for Comprehensive Terrain Mapping and Surveying.

High resolution images obtained by drones, allow Bonavide’s surveyors to gain a comprehensive understanding of the area to be surveyed or mapped.

Using Bonavide’s drones equipped with a high-resolution camera and other sensors, our surveyors do not need to physically enter the area to be surveyed, which is a huge advantage if complex or hazardous terrains require surveying. Furthermore, costs are significantly reduced. There is no need anymore for ground-based equipment, and the drone enabled data collection process is usually completed in a short period of time, precluding repeated site visits.

Integrating our data with Geographical Information Systems software allows us to obtain important information on slope gradients, water drainage patterns and areas that are at potential risk to flooding. This information is of paramount importance in the selection of the best locations for infrastructure development and to assist in the appropriate design of the required structures.

By harnessing the power of Geographic Information Systems,

Bonavide’s surveyors can present drone derived imagery in a geospatial data format, which is a powerful tool to manage and analyse terrain-based data. Imagery from any geospatial feature, e.g., power lines, roads, bridges, may be mapped and the data presented in a format required by the client, which will depend on the purpose of the mapping, be it planning, maintenance, infrastructure development, etc.

Whatever your surveying requirements, Bonavide can deliver the required information. Fast. Cost-effective. Because we live by our slogan: Innovation that flies. Contact us today to discuss your surveying requirements.

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