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volumetric calculations and stockpile surveys

High-Resolution Drone Imagery for Comprehensive Terrain Mapping and Surveying.

Accurate stockpile surveys are crucial for effective inventory management, logistics, and resource planning. Whether you’re dealing with coal, pulp chips, dirt, gravel, or any other stockpile, we can perform precise measurements and appropriate calculation models to meet your demand. 

The drone derived aerial imagery and data obtained from high density point clouds are fed into Bonavide’s supercomputer and the software generates advanced digital surface models. Using our sophisticated and tested algorithms, stockpile volume is calculated with astonishing precision. No matter how big or small the stockpile is, no matter the shape, no matter whether it is a single or multiple piles – our non-linear calculation models deliver dependable, accurate information, usually within 24 hours after the drone flights have been performed.

Drone assisted stockpile measurements are cost-effective and turnaround time is usually within 24h. This allows for more regular assessment of stockpiles, which improves your inventory control and allows for better planning, preventing shortages or surpluses.

Are you still using labour intensive, time consuming manual methods to assess stockpile volumes? Do you still have to much guesswork in stockpile assessment?  Do you wish to make informed decisions and maximize efficiency and productivity?

Then it is time to give Bonavide a call. Bonavide: Innovation that flies.

astonishing precision

Sophisticated Algorithms

Results within 24 Hours

After Drone Flights

Improves inventory control

Allow For Regular Assesments

cost effective

less labour intensive

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